Weekly Focus

Secretary of State Kerry failed to produce a concrete peace deal between Israel and Palestine. What went wrong?
In a little over a year in office, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has strived to boldly reform the Mexican government. How has he fared in his endeavor?
Protests have continued in Venezuela for the better part of the year, and they don't look to be ending any time soon.
In part two of our Weekly Focus on the future of the Internet, we examine the impact of Google Fiber on traditional broadband networks.

The Five & One

Resolution of the Taiwanese Protests, Catalonia's Referendum Blocked, Heartbleed, FDIC Leverage Ratio Mandate, Nigerian GDP Recalculation, and the Art of W.
IPCC Report, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, Pressure on Ukraine, Corruption in China, Troubling Department of Education Report, and Malaysia Flight 370
Ag Gag in Idaho, Neighbors Isolate Qatar, Bin Laden's Son-in-Law Faces Trial in NYC, Education Showdown in New York, Mass Knifing in Kunming, and the Pistorius Trial
Bitcoin Bust, Iran-Iraq Arms Deal, Egyptian Ministers Resign, Arizona's SB 1062, Russia Invades a Chaotic Ukraine, and Sochi Went Safely
US Heavy Trucking Regulations, Labor in the GCC, NAFTA Summit in Mexico, UAW Failure, Protests in the Balkans, and Chinese Environmental Reform
Mexican Lobbyists, Ex-Felon Enfranchisement, Nuclear Power in Japan, Puerto Rican Recession, Swiss Immigration Caps, and Rand Paul vs. Barack Obama