Weekly Focus

With new companies like Uber and Air BnB taking business from their traditional counterparts, some are starting to fight back.
With controversial executions in the news, the United States must reexamine its use of the death penalty.
With several executive actions, President Obama looks to wind down the War on Drugs, but will has actions be enough?
The Sovereign Citizen movement has recently reemerged as a major news story, but has the movement itself changed?

The Five & One

Anti-Chinese Protests Turn Violent in Vietnam, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Turkish Mining Disaster, Referendum on Charter Schools in Newark Mayoral Election, EU-Google Case, and Geithner's Memoir
Boko Haram, Government Prayer Ruling, Political Turmoil in Thailand, Scott Walker Probe Cancelled, Net Neutrality Developments, and Lewinsky Essay
EPA Case, South Korean Ferry Disaster Fallout, Lebanese Presidential Crisis, Papal Canonization, Bombing in Xinjiang, and Minimum Wage Theater
Tensions Escalate in Eastern Europe, South Sudanese Genocide, Hamas Joins Fatah, Michigan Affirmative Action Ban Upheld, Erdogan Partially Acknowledges Genocide, and Chelsea Clinton Pregnant
Taliban Ceasefire Ended, NYPD Muslim Policy, GSK Bribery, Drone Strikes in Yemen, North Dakota Abortion Ban Overturned, and Kathleen Sebelius Resigns
Resolution of the Taiwanese Protests, Catalonia's Referendum Blocked, Heartbleed, FDIC Leverage Ratio Mandate, Nigerian GDP Recalculation, and the Art of W.